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  • Synergy 21 s21-led-000635 Lightbulb Socket – Light Mounts & Zubehör (Lightbulb Socket, Grey, IP20, RoHS, CE, LED, T8)
  • rap-390-rb RAM Tube Jr. Angel Halter mit ram-rodtm Revolution Ratsche/Socket-System und runder Sockel
  • Mi-Light LED-Spots und Fernbedienung für kabellose Steuerung, 2,4 GHz, RF, Touch-Panel, 4 W, Farbwechsel-LEDs, GU10, voll dimmbar von Warmweiß 2700 K bis Kaltweiß 6500 K, CCT, 4 Spotlights RGB+CCT & 1 Panel
  • Cover Jet Blk für Newport BBQ
  • MyArmor verstellbarer Schwanenhalshalter für iPad / Tablets, flexibel mit mit Klemme, 360 Grad drehbar, passend fürs Bett, Tisch, für Apple iPhone 6 / iPad Mini 3 / iPad Air 2 / Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 / Galaxy Tab A 9.7/8.0 und für andere Geräte mit Bildschirmen der Größe 10,2-25,7 cm (Schwarz & Weiß)
  • Synergy 21 s21-led-000802 Lightbulb Socket – Light Mounts & Zubehör (Lightbulb Socket, White, IP20, LED, T8, 45 mm)
  • Godox AD-B2 Bowens Mount Dual Power Blitzkopf S-Typ Halterung Doppel-Lampe Halter für AD200 TTL Blitzlicht Speedlite
  • Synergy 21 s21-led-000501 Lightbulb Socket – Light Mounts & Zubehör (Lightbulb Socket, Ceiling, Grey, IP20, CE, LED)
  • Synergy 21 s21-led-000803 Lightbulb Socket – Light Mounts & Zubehör (Lightbulb Socket, White, IP55, LED, T8, 150 mm)
  • RAM Mount RAP-354-162 Rod Holder Wedge Adapter with Ball
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      How to Repair replace tube sockets Marshall 50 watt guitar amp D-lab

      Mount Tube Socket

      Tube amp theater. D-Lab repairs a Marshall JMP 50 watt tube Master combo amplifier. This amp came into the shop with mushy response. The issue was bad 12ax7 tubes and worn sockets. The fix is rather simple, however an oscilloscope was key in finding the fault.

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      Tags: Gibson,Fender,distortion,troubleshoot,Heathkit,Tektronix,CRT,VOX,Orange,Boutique,electronics,n6tl...

      Different Tube Sockets NOS vs. NEW vs. Ceramic vs. Plastic Overview

      Mount Tube Socket

      Just a litte Q&D vid to check out today´s Tube sockets witch are availabe and easy to get as well as NOS and used Vintage types. By the way the tube socket or holder is the thing to put the tube in. The *´base´* is the thing on the tube itself -- the pins you can touch. ;) For my german viewers...

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      Tags: Tube sockets,Tube mounting,Contact material

      Repair Orange Tube Amp bad solder

      Mount Tube Socket

      Pcb mount sockets loosen over time. Reflowing is a pain so we will remove the wave soldering media and replace with the usual solder. This will make it quicker for future repairs. assume ur own risk.

      • Likes: 13
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      Tags: Orange,amp,amps,guitar,bass,solder,repair,how,to,how-to,tube,pcb

      Shunted & non-Shunted T8 & T12 Sockets (Tombstones) Explained by Total Bulk Lighting

      Mount Tube Socket

      There is a huge difference between shunted and non-shunted T8 and T12 sockets, using the wrong type can end with disastrous results. Don't worry, with our video guide we explain the difference between the two and how to be be sure you are using the correct one for your lighting application. Sit b...

      • Likes: 489
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      Tags: T8 tombstone,T12 tombstone,non-shunted tombstone,shunted tombstone,non-shunted sockets,shunted so...