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  • Klein Messing/, kanakamuni Sakyamuni Buddha Statue: Abhayamudra Pose
  • Große Nice Bronze Messing Sakyamuni – Gautama (Amitabha Buddha Statue Figur 25,4 cm H
  • Chinesischen Buddhismus Bronze Vier Seiten Tathagata Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
  • Tibetische Messing Buddhismus Bodhisattva Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
  • HIJONES Herren Edelstahl Gold/Silber Vintage Amitabha Buddha Statue Anhänger Halskette Silber
  • Tibet Buddhismus reinem Messing Kupfer Tempel Ständer Sakyamuni Buddha Halt Lotus Statue
  • 30,5 cm groß Vitarka Buddha Life Statue – Gold Silber Finish Messing Skulptur Buddha-Statue Home Decor Geschenk
  • 20,3 cm Tibetische Messing Buddhismus Bodhisattva Sakyamuni Buddha Statue Home Dekoration
  • Klein Messing/, kanakamuni Sakyamuni Buddha Kopf Statue
  • craftvatika Sakyamuni Stein BUDDHA STATUE SKULPTUR/Figur/Religiöse Idol – Innen
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      8" Old Tibetan Brass Buddhism Bodhisattva Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

      Sakyamuni Buddha-statue

      8 inch Buddha Brass Statue - Hand Made In Nepal Our beautifully antiqued brass statue depicts Buddha, the enlightened one. Each statue has been finished in green and a reddish-brown antiquing to give it an aged appearance. Meticulously attention to the smallest of features makes this statue a mus...

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      Buddha Sakyamuni Mantra

      Sakyamuni Buddha-statue

      Buddha Sakyamuni Thab Khey Thuk Ji Sakyai Rig Su Trug Shen Gyi Mi Thup Due Kyi Pung Jom Pa Ser Gyi Lhun Po Ta Bur Jepai Ku Shakyal Gyal Po Kyo La Chak Tsel Lo TEYATHA OM MUNI MUNI MAHA MUNI YE SOHA

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      Chinese Sitting Sakyamuni Bronze Buddha Statue JZ422

      Sakyamuni Buddha-statue This sitting Sakyamuni Buddha statue is made of bronze and has very detailed carving. He is sitting on a stand and in a meditation position. This is a prayer's ite...

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      Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha at Buddha Park of Ravangla in Sikkim

      Sakyamuni Buddha-statue

      On the birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha the state government took a policy decision to observe the birth anniversary throughout the year in Sikkim. And as a part of the celebration, the people of Ravangla took the initiative to construct and install a large statue of Lord Buddha and eco -...

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